DUI Attorney Mark Blair Receives Training on Washington’s New Breath Test Machine

Attorney Mark Blair is committed to providing Blair & Kim, PLLC’s clients with the best possible legal representation. To achieve this, he regularly attends continuing legal education courses and legal seminars that expand his skills in the areas of DUI law and criminal defense. Although he has already earned a proven record of success defending clients charged for driving under the influence, Attorney Blair chose to familiarize himself with Washington’s newest breath test device – the DRAEGER 9510

In May, Mark attended a seminar conducted by the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice that focused entirely on the state’s latest breath test machine. The seminar covered all aspects of the device, which law enforcement agencies in Seattle and the entire state will be using to test the blood alcohol content (BAC) of motorists suspected of drunk driving.

The seminar program consisted of an intensive course that trained attendees on the entire operation of the device, including basics of infrared spectroscopy and electrochemical analysis. The seminar also featured discussions comparing old equipment to the new machine, the various physiological aspects that affect breath alcohol monitoring, chemical interferants, and mouth alcohol.

Chemical test results, including the results of breath tests, are an important piece of evidence in DUI cases. Although prosecutors build cases on these results, the devices are not free from error, nor are the officers who administer the tests. By having a strong working knowledge of the DRAEGER 9510 and related issues associated with the machine, Attorney Blair is better prepared to create an effective defense for our firm’s clients.

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