Gray Divorce

In the article “Navigating the Gray Divorce with Dignity,” attorney Andrea Vacca, discusses the increase in what she refers to as “gray” divorces and the issues facing clients in this type of divorce. Gray divorces, Vacca explains, are divorces between people age 50 and over. Vacca says that while overall divorce rates have declined, gray divorces have increased. She also says that many of her clients in gray divorces are facing different and unique issues compared to their younger counterparts.

We share Vacca’s experience that clients divorcing after the age of fifty encounter different issues than those divorcing in their twenties, thirties or forties. Instead, of worrying about child support and parenting plans, many people over fifty are most concerned about their financial futures. People of this age have less time to recover from financial loss prior to retirement age, and/or may be facing the prospect of living on a fixed income. In these circumstances, it is especially important to think about how to best prepare financially for life as a single person. Divorce does not have to mean financial ruin. We are prepared to help you through this process and will do our best to ensure your financial security.

We also share Vacca’s experience regarding the increased interest in alternative dispute resolution among older divorcing spouses. For many of our clients there are many options for avoiding court. We are committed to providing you the personalized advice and representation you need. If you want to avoid protracted litigation and costly legal battles we will use whatever means possible to achieve your goals.

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