More on Real Estate and Divorce

In most divorces, property has to be divided. Oftentimes, a divorcing couple’s most valuable asset (or greatest liability) is their real property (i.e. their house). As such, special attention must be paid to this property both during and after dissolution of a marriage. The New York Times recently ran an article about real estate agents who have found a niche helping people that have recently divorced (or are in the process of divorcing) market their real property. The article provides useful tips for parties in this situation.

The article is also of interest for its proposition regarding families choosing to live close together after divorce to make co-parenting easier. In our experience, for families that have decent communication skills and can tolerate being around each other, this can be a good option. It allows frequent visitation with each parent, allows both parents to attend the child(ren)’s events, and minimizes transportation time for the kids.

Read the article here.

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