Three Areas of Law That Frequently Intersect with Family Law Cases

In addition to traditional family law issues, family law attorneys must be prepared to work with clients dealing with issues outside of the family law arena. Family law attorneys often encounter clients dealing with tax law, criminal law, and immigration law issues. It is important that a family law attorney is able to spot potential issues in other areas of law and either advise their clients of the potential problem areas, or be prepared, as necessary, to refer them to attorneys that practice in the other areas. 

Criminal law: family law cases can involve criminal law in a number of ways. Sometimes, a person’s criminal history can impact their parenting plan and/or their income potential. In some cases domestic violence is an issue that involves the criminal justice system. At Blair & Kim we have the advantage of having both family law and criminal law attorneys on staff. This helps us ensure that our clients that are dealing with both family law and criminal law issues are represented by attorneys that understand both areas of law and how they interact.

Tax law: family law attorneys have to know how structuring property divisions, spousal maintenance amounts, and child support may affect the parties’ taxes. That said, there are some tax law issues that require a tax attorneys advice and guidance. At Blair & Kim we are prepared to help clients determine whether their interests would be best served by speaking with a tax attorney.

Immigration law: in some cases one or both parties immigration status(es) could be impacted by their family law case, or their family law case can be impacted by their immigration status. It is important that family law clients inform their family law attorney as soon as possible of their immigration status. In some cases it is necessary for a family law attorney to work with an immigration attorney to ensure that their client’s immigration status is properly considered during the family law case.

At Blair & Kim we help our clients be as prepared as possible for whatever legal issues their family law cases involve. We stay abreast of the legal areas that commonly impact family law clients, but are also prepared to refer our clients to other trusted professionals when necessary. We maintain a trusted network of professionals that we are ready to refer our clients too circumstances require. If you want to speak to a family law attorney about your family law case, please contact us today.


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