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If you have been detained, arrested, charged, acquitted, or convicted of a crime—even as a juvenile—you may have a criminal record. Criminal records are maintained by the courts and law enforcement agencies and may be discoverable by those in the general public. Your criminal record may affect your reputation, employment opportunities, or housing applications, and may be considered in determining sentencing if you are convicted of a later crime.

Criminal records are not automatically vacated even if you have completed the requirements of the sentence or probation. You must file a motion and attend a hearing to have this information removed from your record. At Blair & Kim, we understand the importance of protecting your rights.

Under the laws of Washington, we may be able to prevent others from accessing information about your prior offenses. We can help you attempt to seal, vacate, or expunge your criminal history. This means your records will be destroyed or may be more difficult to discover or view without a court order.

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