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Lawyers are often quoted encouraging their clients to “get things in writing.” In a recent New York Times article, “ vs.,” Pamela Paul uses a similar directive for divorced parents: Paul advises that parents use emails and texts in the place of verbal communication. In family law, as Paul explains, electronic communication can serve multiple purposes. First, it creates a record of the conversation not available through in-person or telephone conversations (Beware, both you  and your former spouse will have a written record of these conversations!). Second, it can reduce the emotions and outbursts that can accompany a real-time conversation. Third, it can all happen outside the eyes and ears of your children – relieving them from the stress of watching mom and dad argue (often about them).

If you think that post-divorce communication will be difficult for you and your spouse and/or children’s parent, please talk to our divorce attorneys about communication strategies that can be used to protect your legal position, your emotions, and, most importantly, your kids.

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