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The Huffington Post recently published an  article in their divorce section that discussed a compilation of data provided by comparing divorce statistics among states. According to the compilation, Washington is right in the middle when it comes to our divorce rate. Washington is in the upper end of average when it comes to the cost of filing, but also in the upper end of average in our ease of filing. Washington is within the average range on most of the statistics – nothing too notable.

However, what is noteworthy is how much the minimum processing time varies from state to state. The minimum processing time is (in Washington at least) the minimum amount of time it can take from the day of filing, to the day the decree can be entered. As we’ve discussed previously, the minimum it can take in Washington is ninety days. Some people complain about this time period being too long. Perhaps they’d feel better if they compared our state’s processing time to that of Arkansas (540 days!) or Rhode Island (510 days!).

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